After a 35 year business career spent in NYC and the Berkshires, Jim Cervone, an avid amateur chef, and proud Italian, decided to pursue his passion for food specifically pizza! Jim’s love of food began at Sunday dinners at his Italian immigrant grandparents in Astoria NY. Jim spent several years visiting acclaimed urban pizza cafes, attending trade shows, baking pizza in his home until he found what he felt was the perfect pizza crust, red sauce, cheese, and toppings. Then goal was to build the best pizza regardless of cost and offer it for a reasonable price.

On August 31, 2020, CRUST opened its doors on East Street in Pittsfield and has since been serving up some amazing pizza to rave reviews. CRUST embraces the best qualities of Neapolitan and NY styles, and we refer to ours as NEO-NY. With a name like CRUST our focus is on the dough. Our dough is made with a special blend of Italian flours and old-world techniques. The result is a flavorful thin, airy crust with a soft crunchy bite. We keep our menu simple and let the dough and other high-quality ingredients speak for themselves.

Nick's White Garlic$14.25
Chicken Bacon Ranch$15.50
Buffalo Chicken$15.50
Build Your Own Pizza$17.00
Classic Cheese$13.75
Mixed Greens Salad$11.00
Ceasar Salad$12.00
CRUST Fact Check
Cuisine: Pizza
Price Range: $10 - $16.95
Local/Chain: Local
Vegetarian Dishes: Yes
Payment: All types
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